Dear Applicant,

Before you apply for this unit, please review our Tenant selection criteria below. We will review your credit and tenant history first. If we determine your application is acceptable based on your credit and tenant history, we will then run a criminal background check. You will have the right to provide evidence demonstrating inaccuracies within your criminal history or evidence of rehabilitation and other mitigating factors. Further information on your rights can be found at the Cook County Commission on Human Rights website at:

69 W. Washington, Suite 3040, Chicago, IL 60602 (312)-603-1100

We have the following Credit and Tenant History Criteria for this property.


1. Credit score 650 - 850 Accept; 570 to 649 Conditional; below 570 reject.

2. Income Criteria 3 times the rent (gross) accept ; 2 times the rent, conditional (

3. Employment History – Negative = Rejection

4. Rental History a. _2_# NSF reject b. Landlord outstanding balances in last 48 months reject c. Utility Collection matters in last 7 years = reject d. Evictions filed in last 7 years = Reject e. Landlord Judgments in last 7 years = Reject f. Negative landlord reference = reject

5. Bankruptcies last 7 years = reject.

6. Co-Signers with income ratio of five times the rent, credit score of 700 and above, and that meet all other above criteria may be considered at Landlord’s discretion.

If you pass the credit and tenant history criteria, we will run a criminal background check. CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CRITERIA.

1. Persons with Criminal convictions by means of judgment of liability, entered upon a plea, verdict or finding of guilt in the last three years that show a demonstrable risk to residents’ personal safety and/or likelihood of serious damage to property will be rejected.

2. Persons with a current sex offender registration requirement pursuant to the Sex Offender Registration ACT (or similar law in another jurisdiction) will be rejected.

3. Persons with a current child sex offender residency restriction. Thank you. We look forward to your application


If you believe you meet these requirements please complete our pre-screen questionnaire below.